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How this Female Founder is Improving Comfort for Men's Balls
Ashley Harvey

JustWears is the disruptive, direct to consumer brand that is changing the way that men think about underwear. The underwear features contemporary designs, next-gen fabrics, and attention-grabbing innovation without compromising on style or cost. 



Where it all began...

The company is the brainchild of 26-year-old entrepreneur Yang Liu, who gave up her stable career to follow an idea which stemmed from her frustration with the sorry state of men’s underwear.

What does a woman know about men’s needs downstairs? Well as Yang says, “It’s funny how often you need an outside perspective to realize something’s up. Guys can’t stop talking or thinking about their junk. Surely, they’d all have really comfy, high-quality boxers to look after these ‘jewels’ they’re so proud of – but they don’t! Men’s underwear is long overdue for a serious upgrade.”

After interviewing more than 200 men, she felt inspired to strike out and make something better in 2017. Since then, they have sent more than 30,000 pairs to happy customers in 73 countries. 

A revolutionary design

The main thing that has made JustWears stand out is their signature pouch design which separates a man’s package from his balls. By using ventilated fabrics on the underside of this area, it provides men with more space and airflow where they need it most. Their premium Micromodal Air fabric is 50% more absorbent and breathable than cotton, drying quicker and keeping the body pleasantly cool all day long.

You can see the different models of underwear, and read more about JustWear's founding story of their website


About the author

Sophie Scher

Sophie is a student at Santa Clara University in California, where she is studying Communications, Entrepreneurship, and Retail Studies.