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What makes JustWears different?


An innovative, ergonomic pouch

Made from durable material

Offers more support and better airflow to your boys all day long, plus ‘quick draw’ access for those times when you need to whip it out quickly.

Long-lasting, sustainable Austrian beech trees - material that naturally wicks away sweat so your ‘package’ stays dry all day.

An ergonomic cut-fitting fabric

A unique, ingenious design

With anti-roll waistband and slightly longer legs that won't ride up or bunch so they move with you comfortably, naturally.

Moves in perfect harmony with you and your boys instead of fighting against them- no more riding up, and no more chafing.

Pro & Active Models

Briefs, Trunks, or Boxer Briefs

We offer two designs to give you ultimate comfort and to eliminate sweat down under.

Available in sizes 'small thru 'XXL’ with stylish colors to choose from.

Unbelievably soft. 5x softer than cotton.

MicroModal Air is 50% more absorbent and breathable than cotton.

Say bye to chafing. We made the inseam slightly longer to guarantee you a perfectly snug fit.

Made of wood, for your wood. Our very own textile MicroModal Air fibres are derived from sustainably-grown, renewable European wood sources.

Here are a few comments from men who love the JustWears brand…

"These boxers are insane, revolutionary, the definition of game change. Underwear has had no innovation for years, the idea of separating the twig and the berries is ingenious."

"Have worn these for 6 months, testing in all scenarios from long meetings with clients to walking miles around New York with the kids - these are by far the most comfortable, sweat free, chafe free underwear I have ever used"

Nisal K

James D

"These boxers are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. So comfortable in fact I now would rather keep them on when I go to bed! They’re so well fitting and breathable you you forget your wearing any at all!"

"Really comfortable especially when driving. when normal boxers can take a strangle hold."

Nick T

Alex G

"Binned all my other boxers. Can't wear anything else now."

Tom C

SAVE 25%




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