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Still the same underwear you know and love - just a brand spanking new name.

We started JoeyWears with a vision, a vision to provide underwear far better than any available on the market. We dared to dream of a better future for all balls, and thanks to all of you who believed in that dream, put your money where it mattered and backed us on Kickstarter. We were able to crowdfund our way into the underwear draws of grateful men across the world, growing into more than just an underwear brand, but a lifestyle choice for the modern man.

As always we remain dedicated to bringing to you an unbeatable level of out of this out world comfort. Whiles somethings will never change, alas our name must! So we have worked hard to come up with a new name that truly encompasses who we are and everything we hope to become. We believe you will love it just as much as we do, so without further adieu we proudly present to you… JustWears!  

A pair of underwear every guy Just Wears, but feels more comfortable, fits better, keeps you cool down under, a first class seat for your precious cargo if you may. Once you Just Wear them there’s no going back…


Stay comfy Stay cool,

Yang, Alex and JustWears Team.