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Why we're celebrating Colour for Black Friday

Why we're celebrating Colour for Black Friday

This year, we decided to use Black Friday as an opportunity to celebrate something that makes us, us. We are known worldwide for creating colourful men's underwear that brings a pop of joy to your day. We really believe that making the world a little bit more joyful has the power to make it a better place.


We set out to make the world's most comfortable men's underwear. Men's underwear has lacked innovation and this has been impacting men's comfort 'below the belt' for far too long. There truly is nothing worse than uncomfortable pants, and underwear that looks bad too isn't good for our wellbeing and self-esteem. So, we optimised every part of your underwear so you can look good and feel good.


Having improved the fit, feel and comfort of your pants, we also wanted to challenge the industry norm of using less exciting colours. We think an underwear drawer that's full of exciting colours can bring something exciting to your day. Introducing colour into your wardrobe has the power to improve your mood and therefore your wellbeing. Last year, 'dopamine dressing' was a huge trend, amassing 188m views on TikTok alone. It is about wearing colours to positively influence your mood. Artists and interior designers have known this for a long time, choosing colours to decorate and embellish to change the way we perceive ourselves, and the way we are perceived by others.


Colour is such an innate part of being human that our documentation of our experience of it dates back thousands of years. It is why we feel so relaxed in natural environments. Scientists have scanned the brains of people in forests and green spaces and found that there is a reduction in parts of the brain associated with stress. There is also extensive anecdotal evidence that suggests different colours affect you in different ways. Wearing red makes you appear more attractive to others, whilst the reason hospital scrubs are generally made in shades of blue is to promote a sense of tranquility and calmness.


Below, we've given some tips on which colour collections will affect you in different ways and also how they are fun for styling!


Neon Nights


Neon Nights is our latest new colour collection and you won't be surprised that it is our brightest colours yet! Perfect for wearing to festive parties, this colour collection will add a dance floor to your pants drawer. Truly, the epitome of dopamine dressing.


Northern Lights

Our Northern Lights collection is a limited edition colour collection that celebrates a phenomena called the 'Aurora Borealis' which is a natural light display of greens, blues and even pinks in the sky. This colour collection evokes the tranquility of the wonder of nature. Perfect for wearing for days out on hikes (which combine perfectly with the sweat-wicking properties too!)


Retro Burst

Our Retro Burst colour collection is perfect for a pop of nostalgia! Harking back to the good old days, this colour collection offers a couple of calming greens, paired with a bright red tone - excellent for wearing for dates!


Wearing colour clearly has a strong influence over our wellbeing. We don't know the full extent of its influence, so we think it is as important an activity to improve people's wellbeing. That's why we make such a wide range of fun colours and why we wanted to use Black Friday as an opportunity to celebrate colour. So, that's why it's called Colourful Friday!