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Your Guide to Ultimate Comfort

Your Guide to Ultimate Comfort

At JustWears, we know a thing or two about comfort. Having spent the last five years creating the world's most comfortable men's underwear, this year, we added socks and t-shirts to truly bring you comfort from head to toe. Now, you can package them all up into your very own comfort bundle. So you can buy all your basics in one go. Learn a bit more about your new favourite 'comfies' down below!

comfort bundle


We're known the world over for our amazingly comfortable pants. Made from MicroModal Air, they are 5x softer than your normal Cotton pants, feature sweat-wicking properties and have increased breathability. We are so committed to your comfort, that we removed itchy labels, and used a special stitching technique to reduce chafing and ride-up as well. Our awesome pants come with a unique pouch system that keeps your 'plums and banana' separate so you can stay fresh and cool all day long. Fun fact! MicroModal uses 20x less land than cotton to grow because it's made from Austrian Beech Trees! Who knew wood could do so much good?! Shop from our range of briefs, boxer briefs and trunks for comfort from the waist down.

Here's what our customers have to say about our pants:


"Best underwear ever. I now have seventeen pairs. Will last very long time."


"Got to be the most comfortable pants I have owned."


"Best boxers I’ve ever worn wish I had discovered these years ago."



We're on a mission to revolutionise your underwear drawer, so the next obvious step for us had to be socks! We took humble men's socks and improved every part that you told us bothers you on your old socks. Uncomfortable toe seams? We removed this completely by hand-finishing the seam. We increased the elastane so they hold up better, and because of the MicroModal content, they are quick drying and absorbant so you don't have to sweat it! These socks will truly change your sock drawer game.

Here's what our customers have to say about our socks:


"Great socks. Good feel, fit, thickness and quality. Will buy again."


"Bought these socks for my husband, best socks ever. Need some more colours"




We set ourselves the challenge to make the most comfortable and best fitting t-shirt available on the market and, according to your feedback, we think we achieved this! Made from a premium weighted MicroModal blend, this t-shirt fits well across the shoulders and chest whilst giving you some breathing space in the torso. Perfect for dad bods and mad bods alike! Whilst the fit is second to none, we are also proud of it's performance properties - the material is sweat-wicking and breathable, whilst offering you silk-like comfort.



Here's what our customers have to say about our t-shirts:

"When I saw that Just Wears were releasing a T-shirt I knew I had to try one. I’ve been a convert to Just Wears shorts for couple of years now and won’t wear any other brand. The T-shirt lived up to my expectations!"


"Fantastic t-shirt. Excellent fit around the chest, shoulders and arms and not so tight around the waist that one has to be an athlete to wear it."


"Best shirt I have ever put on my body. It is so soft and fits so well. I love that I can wear it to work or wear it while I lounge!"


So, now you really can have it all. Choose between The Starter Gift bundle (coming soon!), The Comfort Bundle and The Full Monty.


The Starter Gift bundle includes:

x1 pair of pants in Black or surprise me

x1 pair of socks


the starter bundle


The Gift bundle:

x3 pairs of pants

x3 pairs of socks


the comfort bundle


The Full Monty bundle:

x3 pairs of pants

x3 pairs of socks

x1 t-shirt


full monty bundle


Level up your comfort game and bundle up your basics from head-to-toe. Makes a perfect gift too!