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Who are you?

We're JustWears, the disruptive, direct to consumer brand who are changing the way you think about pants. Our products bring together contemporary designs, next-gen fabrics, and attention-grabbing innovation without compromising on style or cost.

Why are you doing this?

We spoke to hundreds of men and they all told us the same thing. Their underwear was not functional, was underwhelming and was letting them down. We thought we could do better.

We want to make underwear for men more than just a utility purchase. There hasn’t been any innovation in men’s underwear for a very long time. Nothing out there was really speaking to guys who are serious about their underwear. There seemed to be a choice between bank breaking aspirational brands or poor quality value brands that ride up, chafe and fall apart after a few wears.

What do you offer that existing brands don’t?

Affordable, sustainable, comfortable undies unlike any you ever wore before. JustWears contains a unique cooling pouch design that says no to sweat and gives your crown jewels the palace they deserve. Our unique fabric is made from soft cellulosic fibre sourced from sustainable Austrian beech trees and it’s way softer than cotton. Oh and the fit is incomparable to anything you’ve worn before. No riding up, no chaffing, simply blooming comfy to just wear.

How is the fabric better than normal cotton?

The process of making our wonderful fabric from Austrian beech trees aims to reduce as much waste as possible, using 20X less water than using cotton.

MicroModel feels as soft as a feather but way more durable than traditional fabrics. It is the Stretch Armstrong of the fabric world. It remains absorbent, soft, supple, and retains its shape even after repeated washes.

Who’s idea was this?

JustWears is the brainchild of 26-year-old entrepreneur Yang Liu who gave up her stable career to follow a startup idea which snowballed from her frustration with the sorry state of men’s underwear.

What does a woman know about men’s needs downstairs? Well as Yang says “It’s funny how often you need an outside perspective to realize something’s up. Guys can’t stop talking or thinking about their junk. Surely, they’d all have really comfy, high-quality boxers to look after these ‘jewels’ they’re so proud of – but they don’t! Men’s underwear is long overdue for a serious upgrade.”

What is this pouch all about?

We’ve spent months and over 50 prototypes crafting the perfect home for your package. Our special pouch gives you more space and comfort while keeping everything in its rightful place. That means no more adjusting, no more chafing, no more bunching up and most importantly, an end to sweaty balls.

What's the difference between the Pro and Active?

JustWears Pro is perfect for your everyday hustle. This is high-quality underwear with enhanced space in the front. The extra space prevents you from awkward adjustments and helps reduce skin friction between your legs and your boys.

JustWears Active is ideal for keeping you cool during a spot of exercise. The athletic cut and dual pouch are designed to separate your member and boys. The upper pouch functions as quick draw access. The lower pouch is made of high-performance mesh fabric to wick away sweat and create more air flow.

What about prints?

We wanted to get our core product right before we added anything else, so we launched with a range of super vibrant colors, from watermelon red to azure blue.

But we're already working on a range of new patterns and styles and we're developing partnerships with some cool designers to make sure the next range of JustWears caters for the guys who like their pants a bit jazzier. We’ll also be asking for your input on the next styles we make, so watch this space.

Where do I get my hands on a pair?

Head over to our shopping pages and buy a pack of JustWears today. We'll ship them directly to your house, office, castle or beach hut.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the EU and USA with the aim to ship globally asap.

But you charge for shipping, is it not cheaper to go and get underwear from the shop?

Let’s face it, who really likes going to town to buy underwear along with every other guy who’s been putting it off 10 holey pairs of pants too long.

JustWears wants to be as transparent as possible about our costs and how you spend your hard-earned dough. We want to show you the real price of things, and don't forget we offer free UK shipping on orders over £39.

How can I stay up to date with what you guys have going on?

Join our mailing list. just drop your deets in the box below.