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The Men's Underwear Pouch Explained

The Men's Underwear Pouch Explained

Here it is. Behold. This is the GIF that started it all. Chapter 1 in the JoeyWears story. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Way back in 2017 when we had the idea for JoeyWears we had a hunch that there were a lot of men out there who were underwhelmed with their underwear. We knew that the modern man was crying out for something better.

Why, men asked us, in this age of innovation, when my trainers have more onboard technology than Apollo 11 and my sports clothes are made to improve my performance, WHY have pants have not evolved much since the era of the loincloth?

We heard those cries and we agreed. Because certain products require expert engineering. You wouldn't buy a stereo from a butcher or a space rocket from a corner shop, why buy your pants from anything other than the certified expert?

So we decided to solve this problem. We did it by making the world's best underwear. Take a look at JoeyWears, so packed full of the latest technology, new innovations and great ideas to make sure any man who tries just one pair, will never go back to the bad old days of underwhelming underwear.

But how to find these men? And how to show them the idea behind JoeyWears without getting a bit NSFW. The big boys of the underwear world are happy to keep selling you low quality, overpriced products, confident that you don't have any other options.

We don't think that is fair, and we wanted to see if other men out there felt the same. So, because we couldn't afford a massive ad campaign fronted by David Beckham or Justin Beiber we opted for something better. We made a GIF.

We love GIFs, and we know everyone loves GIFs.

With elegant simplicity our GIF showed the world the difference between JoeyWears and the rest. Using the universal symbolism of two oranges and a banana to represent your crown jewels we showed once and for all that your current underwear is letting you down, in more ways than one.

We started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and put this GIF bang in the middle. AND IT WORKED! Our GIF went around the world and found men on every continent who wanted a better pocket for their rocket.

Almost right away we sold over 7,000 pairs of our JoeyWears to men in 56 countries. We were blown away by the demand and realised that there were a LOT of guys who wanted to join the JoeyWears movement.

And now, JoeyWears is a going global with a full online shop to support our growing brand. This is where things get exciting. We're going to be shipping underwear around the world, bringing out new patterns and styles and partnering with loads of cool organisations.

But whatever happens, we will never forget this GIF and the lesson it taught us.

Keep it simple, stay honest and keep making the world's best underwear.