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At JustWears, we're nuts about
making incredibly comfortable men’s underwear.

We have but 1 guiding principle...
Be Humble, But Have Balls

But this is not just Alex and Yang’s dream. With everyone’s support, we’re on a mission to make your basics not basic anymore!

Our Values

On the ball.

We make one thing; incredible underwear, and we do it better than anyone else.

Hang loose.

We aim to never take ourselves too seriously and have fun with every interaction.

Keeping it fresh.

We never stop learning and improving. We're not scared to listen to our customers and change things
when we think we can do better.

Be humble, but have balls

We’ll always be up to take on some big bold challenge (we hope we’ll inspire others to do so as well), but no matter how well we do, we will always stay grounded.

Always Being Cool — ABC!

It's that simple. That’s why you will always be able to talk to someone at JustWears about your undies and get a personal insight into the processes and decisions we make.