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How Your Underwear Can Help Save the World

How Your Underwear Can Help Save the World

For what it's earth...

Over 60 percent of fabric fibres are derived from fossil fuels, according to a recent NYT article. If and when these clothes eventually end up in a landfill, it would take hundreds of years for them to biodegrade.

Even worse, more than 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the apparel and footwear industries, and that percentage is set to grow. It is up to the fashion industry to lessen their environmental impact.

Enter JustWears

One startup founder is working hard to change this. Yang Liu left her job in finance to start JustWears and change the way people think about sustainable fashion.

JustWears is the disruptive, direct to consumer brand that is changing the way that men think about underwear. The underwear features contemporary designs, next-gen fabrics, and attention-grabbing innovation without compromising on style or cost.

Journey to sustainability

JustWear’s eco-conscious journey begins with the fabrics, using tree fabrics instead of cotton or other synthetic materials. More than 99 percent of the wood is sourced from sustainable forestry operations, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. Compared to cotton, this production uses 95% less water and cuts the carbon footprint in half.

JustWears strives to have a positive impact on the world through their eco-conscious efforts in combating fast fashion.

You can see the different models of underwear and more information on their environmental impact on JustWear's website