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Going Commando: The Sweaty Truth

Going Commando: The Sweaty Truth
Image credit: Deon Black

Tom Petty once famously sang, “And I’m Free! Free ballin’” … Wait… 

While going commando is not a widely adopted lifestyle, around 5% to 7% of men regularly choose this option in their day-to-day lives. It seems liberating and it could have some advantages. Some medical professionals state that it may aid in sperm production, provide a natural feel, and allow for more breathability. However, others are divided on the topic as there may also be some potential health issues to consider. Let's delve into this topic more deeply. 

Is it hot in here or just your balls?

It may seem logical to assume that removing a layer of clothing would increase airflow to the genitals, but this is only true if the pants are made of breathable material. However, most trousers are made of thick, insulating material like denim, which can lead to more chafing and sweating. Trapped skin cells and sweat in a hot environment can cause incredible amounts of damage to the skin over time, including skin breakage, sores, rashes, and even yeast infections (yes, men can get yeast infections!). This overheating can lead to embarrassing stains on the pants. However, when you opt for pants made of high-absorption, anti-bacterial, and cooling fabric like MicroModal Air Fabric, used by JustWears, you can actually reduce sweating and discomfort in the groin area for men. 

Hello Baby 

Another reason overheating is undesirable is it negatively affects sperm count.  Although studies remain inconclusive, there is some evidence that suggests sperm cells die when exposed to too much heat. Continuous exposure to higher temperatures can cause sperm production to be lower or cause the production of abnormally shaped sperm cells resulting in infertility. Most underwear and trousers are made from cotton, but JustWears is made of sustainably sourced tree fibres. These organic fibres are 50% more absorbent and breathable than cotton, drying quicker and keeping the body pleasantly cool all day long. Keep those swimmers swimming!



Zipper Dangers

We all remember THAT scene in ‘There’s Something About Mary’... Catching hair or skin in a zipper can be extremely painful and can cause bruises under the skin. In severe cases, the zipper can get stuck, making it too painful to unzip without medical assistance. Wearing pants protects you from this risk. A soft pair of pants will add an extra layer of protection from the zipper and stop coarse material rubbing against your most sensitive areas! 


One issue is the lack of support for the testicles when in motion, which can lead to damage over time. This can include bruising, strain, a twisting of the testicles, and inflammation of the blood vessels through the scrotum. While some boxers may also experience this problem, JustWears offers an innovative pouch design for a gently supportive feel, no matter what you’re up to. 


Broken eggs


When buying fewer clothes, you are saving money in upfront costs, but the cost of maintenance will rise. It is recommended that men going commando should wash their trousers every day, rather than the average 4-5 wears before washing for those men wearing underwear. This increases the cost of detergent and water and can become very expensive if the trousers are dry-clean only. Also, the clothing will deteriorate quickly due to increased washing and as it builds up a collection of skin cells and sweat. This will inevitably mean you will be spending more on trousers without pants. 

We know that for decades men have gotten the short end of the stick as far as comfort and design, which would explain the rejection of underpants all together. This is why we have reinvented men’s pants with your comfort in mind. 

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