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Men's Brand Joins Fight for Women Built Businesses!

Men's Brand Joins Fight for Women Built Businesses!

JustWears has joined the @BuyWomenBuilt movement, which supports women-built brands and changes the shape and face of our economy. There are so many women-built companies and the fact that consumers don’t know these fantastic brands are founded by women means we are missing a trick. There simply are not enough women starting businesses in the UK, 30% behind other developed countries. That affects us all as it means we are missing out on £200 billion that more women-built businesses can contribute to our economy, future and communities. 

JustWears is the brainchild of entrepreneur Yang Liu, who gave up a stable career to follow her passion of founding a startup aimed at radically transforming the sorry state of the male underwear market.

And what does a woman know about these things, we hear you ask? Well, as Yang herself says... “It’s funny how often you need an outside perspective to realise something’s up. Guys can't stop talking or thinking about their junk. Surely, they’d all have really comfy, high-quality boxers to look after these jewels they're so proud of – but they don't! Men’s underwear is long overdue for a serious upgrade, and that's what JustWears is here for!”


As a women-built brand, JustWears is breaking the mould of the entrepreneurial standard and the comfort of men’s underwear! By joining a force of women with similar goals, struggles, and dreams, it is hoped more women will be inspired to bring their ideas to fruition

“Behind every great woman... is another great woman."- Kate Hodges.