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JustWears joins John Lewis in Canary Wharf

JustWears joins John Lewis in Canary Wharf

This June, we took the step into the spotlight with a captivating Father's Day pop-up event in the heart of John Lewis Waitrose in Canary Wharf.  Now, a supermarket might not be the first place you'd expect to find men's underwear taking center stage, but we believe there is never a bad time to talk about pants. Plus, what better way to promote our unique pouch design, which separates your plums from your banana, than a supermarket! 



Embracing the challenge of stopping the busiest professionals of the city, we set out to spark conversations centred around an unconventional yet irresistible topic - their choice of underwear! Armed with our distinct brand of cheeky marketing and a knack for clever wordplay, we managed to not only seize the attention of the Canary Wharf crowd but also ignite a buzz that reverberated throughout the area.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting new and existing customers and forging meaningful in-person relationships with the very individuals we're dedicated to delighting. This experience provided an great opportunity for gathering feedback and proudly presenting our latest "Pastel Punch" collection, which customers couldn’t wait to get their hands on.



At JustWears, infusing a dash of humor into everything we do is second nature. Our aim has always been to put a smile on your face, and according to highly reliable sources, our playful puns (see below) were ringing through the offices and board rooms of Canary Wharf. So, keep your eyes peeled – who knows where we'll make our next playful appearance! You don't miss the chance to secure your very own "Palace for your Phallus."

This incredible opportunity was a breeze, all thanks to the support of The Great Brand Exchange who help bridge the gap between small businesses and large retailers like John Lewis. 

AND… if you didn’t know, we are now stocked at John Lewin online!? Check us out there or shop our best selling Boxer Briefs that flew off the shelves at our pop-up right here

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