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Yang Liu Female Founder Forbes' 30 Under 30

Yang Liu Female Founder Forbes' 30 Under 30

Every year Forbes honours 30 people out of millions for their outstanding accomplishments before they hit the age of 30. This can range from business to entertainment or their impact on their community. This year JustWears' Founder and CEO, Yang Liu, was one of those 30.

As stated on her Forbes Profile:

“Yang Liu grew up in Southwest China in an area dependent on growing cotton--a thirsty crop which requires much water and brought years of drought upon her hometown. She studied at an agricultural university and gained awareness of natural materials such as corn, mushroom and tea leaves being developed as sustainable alternatives to cotton and synthetic materials. She launched a solution for next-generation biodegradable textiles on KickStarter in 2017 and started JustWears in 2018. Today, the London-based DTC company has achieved $2.7 million in yearly revenue (it more than doubled sales in 2021), raised $4 million in capital and sold more than 250,000 pairs of premium sustainable underwear.”

Pride does not even begin to define how the team felt when they saw the news! If you read the article, I am sure you were just as impressed with Yang’s accomplishments.

Fun Fact: The list was announced four days before Yang’s 30th birthday! Talk about making the cut!

Looks like JustWears had double the reason to celebrate.