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Is Your Underwear Reducing Your Sperm Count?

Is Your Underwear Reducing Your Sperm Count?

"Sweaty balls” are a bigger issue than we previously thought. Since it has been proven that sperm count decreases when the scrotum is overheated, the solution is to keep it cool down there...This is where JustWears comes in.

Let's get the ball(s) rolling...

“The main things that has made JustWears stand out is our signature pouch design which separates a man’s package from his balls. We call it a palace for your phallus! By using ventilated fabrics on the underside of this area, it provides men with more space and airflow where they need it most.” Says Yang, co-founder and CEO of JustWears.

Made from wood for your wood

Most underwear is made from unbreathable cotton, but JustWears is made of sustainably sourced tree fibres. These organic fibres are 50% more absorbent and breathable than cotton, drying quicker and keeping the body pleasantly cool all day long.

The design

The ergonomic design, paired with the high-tech fabric helps men stay cool down under, having positive effects on sperm count during the process.

You can see the different models of underwear and more information on their design and fabric on JustWear's website