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Roam with Confidence: Redefining Male Genital Care

Roam with Confidence: Redefining Male Genital Care

Let’s face it, talking about genital care is taboo and can be uncomfortable. But, these important topics are often neglected - both in personal and social dialogues - resulting in further stigmatisation of our nether regions. Without adequate guidance, unclear and sometimes downright dangerous practices can arise. 

Through marketing and media, self care is a highly gendered practice and is heavily implied that taking care of oneself is solely for women, whilst if men make conscious considerations about their bodies it is considered ‘vain’, ‘unmanly’, and, ‘feminine’. When self care is so heavily stigmatised, it is no wonder that men experience higher levels of mental health issues, suicide rates and alcohol addiction. 

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At JustWears, we believe fervently in breaking down all barriers in the way of being comfortable in your skin. We hope this article empowers you to make choices about your body and provides a safe space to normalise these important conversations. Dismantling harmful stereotypes takes a societal shift, but through reclaiming your sense of wellbeing in a male body, you are taking giant leaps for humankind.

Rub a Dub Dub, Shower Time! 

Maintaining good genital health is simple but crucial. When washing your intimate areas, use mild, unscented soaps for cleansing and avoid harsh products that can dry out sensitive skin. Gentle but thorough cleansing on a daily basis in and around all areas below the waistband is essential practice for a happy chappy. This is an ideal time to look for unusual discharge, rashes, blisters, or warts. It is better to prevent symptoms than to treat them, so catching things early will help you receive the right treatments. Whether you are circumcised or not, it is important to clean ‘under the hood’ to prevent the build up of moisture, skin cells and oils. Without proper cleansing, this can lead to possible infections (it is a common misconception that Cystitis, Thrush and other UTIs only affect women). Dry this area as well after bathing, to avoid moisture build up underneath.

…We all do it

Normalising genital care also means normalising conversations about the products we use below the belt. Anything you put down there has an effect on your body and health, so it’s important to pay attention to what goes into these products. 


Our partners at Roam are on a mission to make the world a more sex positive place and reduce the stigmatisation associated with ones own sexuality. Using only safe and sensitive formulations, they care for your wellbeing where it matters most. Roam aligns perfectly with our values with their products being 100% natural, vegan, and sustainable packaged so it is a win win. 


Their Solo Cream is made with 100% natural ingredients such as coconut and shea to moisturise and soothe, creating a balmy texture for you and your alone time. Using products derived from safe and natural sources can offer peace of mind in the bedroom. Moreover, these lubricants go a step further by being infused with microbiome prebiotics, safeguarding your intimate balance.


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Let ‘em Breathe

Choosing the right underwear can have a large impact on keeping genitals safe from bacterial growth. The underwear you wear should not be too restricting and should be well-ventilated. This can prevent irritation and infection. Since there are many types and styles, it is important to be selective based on the type of activities you usually carry out. If you are planning on being active, one should consider wearing moisture-wicking, breathable underwear to absorb sweat and avoid skin irritation, odor, and other issues.

 Keep your swimmers swimming

Although concrete evidence is lacking, there is research to suggest that better regulation of temperature downstairs can possitively impact your sperm count.  Wearing underwear that is too tight or the wrong material, can raise the temperature in the genital area, leading to sperm depletion and affecting reproductive health. 

Take A Look

We can't emphasize enough how important it is to check your balls on a regular basis. This is the most effective way to notice if something is wrong or abnormal. It is recommended to feel around for lumps or masses before they occur so you will know if there is a difference between the normal feel and a potential problem. The best person to advocate for yourself is you! Hopefully this can be seen as a gentle reminder to continue to prioritise your health with some simple steps.

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Only a Test Away 

If something doesn’t feel quite right and you know you have been sexually active, it is never a bad idea to get an STD (sexually transmitted disease) test. STDs and STIs are more common than we would like to imagine so there are precautions that should be taken in order to prevent a person from contracting one or more of the above. However, the steps that are taken next are crucial. Some of these diseases or infections can be time sensitive, which means scheduling a visit with a medical professional as soon as any signs arise can be crucial for your health.


Protecting yourself is an important to consider when becoming sexual active. Condoms are always around when needed and if you are interested in protecting yourself AND the planet, Roam offers sustainable options. Working with communities in Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand, Roam focuses heavily on their production process to create products that can be enjoyed and make a difference simultaneously.


At JustWears we are not here to instruct you on how to live our personal life, but we do want to help lead you to do it in the healthiest way possible!


Disclaimer: This does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for medical advice.

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