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Is Your Underwear Ruining Your Life?

Is Your Underwear Ruining Your Life?

Underwear has historically been very commoditized — it’s really all been about cheap, multi-pack, mass-produced stuff to buy on sale — but that is very different from the role that these products play in a consumer’s life.

We'll keep this brief

Underwear is the only thing in your closet that you wear every single day — it dictates how comfortable you are, and how other clothes fit and feel. Yet, premium men’s basics have largely been dominated by high street brands which have failed to innovate over the past decade. Most essential wear products are the result of mass production with lack of thoughts in comfortable fitting - made of cotton, don’t breathe well, ride-up or even chafe.

Enter JustWears

One startup founder is working hard to change this. Yang Liu, Co-founder and CEO of JustWears, left her job in finance to start JustWears and change the way men think about underwear.

“The main thing that has made JustWears stand out is our signature pouch design which separates a man’s package from his balls. We call it a palace for your phallus! By using ventilated fabrics on the underside of this area, it provides men with more space and airflow where they need it most!” Says Yang.

High-tech and high-comfort

Their very own fabric, MicroModal Air, is 50% more absorbent and breathable than cotton, drying quicker and keeping the body pleasantly cool all day long. This has positive impacts on sperm count, as well as reducing skin irritation. Better yet, the underwear is anti-bacterial, fighting against body odour throughout the day.

You can see the different models of underwear and more information on their design and fabric on JustWear's website